In this episode of the podcast I sat down and had the chance to get to talk to Jeffrey Steadman, community manager of Yelp Salt Lake City. We talk how important Yelp is in the local community, how it helps local business, the parties that Jeffrey throws for local Salt Lake City Yelpers, and how to get involved with Yelp. I also found out during the conversation that Jeffrey is a published author and we laugh over the time that we met for the first time at my 34th birthday party.

You can connect with Yelp on their website and also download the app for your smart phone

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Oh, and you can purchase his book over on


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  1. Jeffrey did a great job discussing Yelp and how it works in SLC.

    Thank you for posting this,

  2. Great blog, I bookmarked this post since it seems like it might be useful for others aswell.

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