Episode 34 – Scott Knopf, hip hop artist ‘Atheist’

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In this episode of the podcast I sat down and had a conversation with Scott Knopf , local Salt Lake City hip hop artist known as ‘Atheist’. We talk about how he got involved with hip hop, his musical inspirations, local hip hop, his album he just recently put out titled “Thanks for the Burgers”, and the challenges he faced when putting that out. I also found out that him and his wife do a movie podcast called Frankly My Dear Podcast and how he  went to professional wrestling school for a small period of his life.

Download the complete album “Thanks for the Burgers” for free at http://801atheist.bandcamp.com/

Connect with him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/atheistrapper


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  1. Dr. Nick says:

    Atheist holdin it down, get it homie!!!!

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